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Jayne C

"received my full bundle today very happy beautiful quality of the folder and the laminated scenario some very group visuals of a big variety of road situations and the lil cars are brilliant for student interaction.

Even came with note pad dry wipe marker and eraser and calculator all packaged with care.

very happy and would highly recommend"


Rif A

"I have received the zipped folder thank you very much its perfect. It holds quite a lot of extra things which is a bonus instead of carrying separately its all in one! The cars are a fab way of interpretating or trying to interpretate what might happen in different scenarios. I will be using the scenarios and the cars with it starting this week. I'm sure my pupils will benefit a great deal!

Once again thank you so much Kirsty"


Angela W

"Hi Kirsty - my order arrived today . Proper pleased with this & looking forward to using it during lessons ….good quality & like carry case ….thank you x"


Adele H

"I ordered the folder with the laminated pages from Kirsty, I advised her that I had a couple of strange Roundabout’s in my area I’d like to cover and she worked with me to make sure she made me the suitable paperwork to enable me to teach this more efficiently. She also sent me the colour cars that I asked for. This was all Delivered a lot more swiftly than I imagined due to her having lots of orders and the fact that I also ordered late. When it arrived my ring binder didn’t work properly so I advised Kirsty and she immediately sent me out a new one. Absolute first class customer service, and I love my ring binder, I’m sure it will be a valuable tool whilst teaching. Thank you"




"Just to let you know my folder arrived today & is absolutely perfect thank you! Not even a hint of any damage/squashing etc. 

The folder is very posh & I felt like it was my birthday lol! I haven’t had time to go through it properly but all is good & just need to sort scenarios in order for areas I teach in.

One of my main reasons for purchasing your kit was to help my autistic/dyslexic/dyspraxia pupils & any other learning issues they might have. I’m an old fashioned instructor & believe in the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’."






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